• International students story (Ankara Yildirim Beyazit Universitesi)


    I’m Meryem, I’m happy to share my experience with Calisia University with you. First of all, my adventure in Kalisz-Poland, which started with the 2021-2022 fall semester Erasmus+ Learning mobility, then continued with the opportunity to do an internship at the International Relations Office in the 2021-2022 summer semester.

    It is not possible for me to forget the help and care given to the lessons by my professors during my education at the university, but I would like to state that I will never forget the friendships I have made during my learning mobility. They became my family in Kalisz, and they still are…

    I am sure that you will have incredible experiences with Erasmus+ Study Mobility. I had the opportunity to visit many European countries and especially many cities in Poland. I had the chance to participate in many cultural events and made many foreign friends.

    Erasmus+ Internship mobility allowed me to see more cultural aspects of Poland. Also, I learned a lot of historical stories about Kalisz that I didn’t know. I did not neglect to taste Polish dishes that I had not tasted before, and I had the opportunity to visit cities and important centers that I had not seen before.

    When I think about all this, I would like to thank Calisia University for everything it has given me during the 8-month period I spent, and Monika, who mentored me during my internship.

    May the best of everything be with you. Hope to see you again…

    Ankara Yildirim Beyazit Universitesi, Turkey

  • International students story (Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University)

    Hello, I’m Bahri my friends call me Bahri Busch, or my Polish friends call me ‘Jesus’ because of my hair. I went abroad for the first time under Erasmus+ programme. In this case, I studied in Kalisz for one semester. Kalisz is like a small town and I always referred to it as my hometown. While studying, I usually travelled to the big cities of Poland and different countries in Europe. I made excellent friendships from different cultures. Also, Mr. Erwin and Mrs. Napadlek Greetings. You are the best teachers I have ever seen in my life.

    Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University

  • International students story (Sokhumi State University, Georgia)

    I would like to describe my mobility in Kalisz as a challenge, because it was my first time going abroad this far from my home, being independent.
    This kind of thing really helps you to grow up, teaches you how to make right decisions, how to take care of yourself, which is really important in my opinion for everyone. It was a great experience for me to see how it is to study on foreign language – English, meeting new people, getting to know new cultures, and exchanging knowledge. One of my favourite things was planned trips, which we had a few times during my mobility. It was interesting and also funny, but there were parties with Polish students that were the most memorable days for me because I now have friends which I still contact even though I am not there. And at the end I am grateful to every single person who made my time in Kalisz unforgettable.

    Sokhumi State University, Georgia

  • International students story (Mersin University, Turkey)

    I have been abroad for the first time with Erasmus+.
    The place where I stayed was Kalisz. Kalisz is a small place, but our teachers and Foreign Relations Office staff have been very nice to us, very helpful with any problems in the course and dormitory.
    They organized two trips to the two cities and held integration meetings to provide orientation.
    I had a good time in Kalisz with Erasmus+. Of course, I did not stay only in Kalisz.  I visited different countries and nine cities in Poland. I would like to thank our teachers and our Foreign Relations Office (MONIKA :)) who responded immediately to all kinds of questions…

    Mersin University, Turkey

  • International students story (Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal)

    Spending half of the year in Kalisz and Erasmus+ was one of the best things I’ve done. It gave me the opportunity to get to know a new country, a new culture, make new friends and learn another language. An experience I will never forget in Kalisz. It is a beautiful city.

    Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal

  • International students story (Marmara University, Turkey)

    Hello, I’m Merve.

    I am a 4th year midwifery student at Marmara University. I have always loved travelling, getting to know new cultures, discovering and making new friends. That’s why doing Erasmus was one of my biggest dreams. I realized this dream in the best way in Poland.  Programme Erasmus+ was really a very different experience.

    Visiting Poland and other European countries, learning about their culture, meeting local people etc. it was really great.

    I have been travelling since I was little. Every place I go is special and meaningful to me.  Erasmus+ was more meaningful and special to me. I made many different friends, discovered new places, had the chance to get to know different cultures. That’s why I’m very happy. It was a great experience meeting so many people from different countries and sharing so many good memories.

    Kalisz is a really beautiful city. It’s a little small but it has very nice places. Everywhere is natural and very peaceful. I made a lot of Polish friends here. I’m also very happy to meet Monika❤️, she organized very nice trips for us.

    I am very happy to come to Poland and do Erasmus+ in Kalisz. Living here was one of the best parts of my life. See you later Kalisz 🙂

    Marmara University, Turkey

  • International students story (Marmara University, Turkey)

    Hello ,
    I am Betül. I came to Kalisz for erasmus in February and I stayed in Kalisz for 4 months. This was my first abroad experience and it was definitely one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.
    First of all ,being in a different country to study was a challenge for me and I had many concerns, but Poland was a really good start. I loved everything about being  here. Kalisz is a small city but everyone in here was really nice and friendly, I didn’t struggle for anything. I loved the culture, the foods, the people ( everything about Poland 😊 ) in here. I made a lot of Polish friends and we had a lot of cultural exchange. As erasmus students , we also met other erasmus students from other countries as well .
    It was a perfect experience to meet many people from diffrent countiries and share a lot of good memories 😊 And while we were here, we had the opportunity to visit other European countries and travel a lot. We also had great time in the Bulionik dormitory. All the dorm people were very helpful and  dorm was really nice.

      I am very happy that I chose to come to Poland and do erasmus here. It was a unforgettable part of my life and I will definitely visit Poland again. 😊

    Marmara University, Turkey

  • International students story (Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal)

    Hello I’m Cristiani. I wanted to say thank you so much for everything. I really enjoyed being in Kalisz to know other places. It was  my first Erasmus+. From the Coordinator, teachers to everyone who made my Erasmus+ special and a big thank you to Monika and the teacher Kamila Majewska ❤️❤️.

    Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal

  • International student story (Bingol University, Turkey )

    Hello, i’m Muhammed.
    It was my first abroad experience and the first time in Kalisz.
    First of all, it was a very nice experience to be in Kalisz.  Although it is small, it was one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.  I had a great time there. While I was there, I was very impressed with its historical structure and lifestyle. I am grateful to you – Monika, you find a solution immediately when we have any problems and the dormitory management is the same. I recommend everyone to do Erasmus+ in Kalisz. I had the opportunity to meet new people from every country and formed good friendships. My best friends were also from other countries and I was trying to speak my language less. I think I have improved my English with serious differences. I was very happy when I was there and it was like home. I think it is also sufficient as a social activity; swimming, fitness, bowling etc. I spent all the activities to the fullest. I recommend everyone to do Erasmus in Kalisz.

    Bingol University, Turkey

  • International student story (Bethlehem University, Palestine)

    Hello, I am Natalie from Bethlehem, Palestine.My mobility in Kalisz was a good and new experience for me.The best parts about my mobility were meeting people from different parts of the world, learning about different cultures, improving my English speaking skills, exploring Poland, and making international friends especially from Turkey and Albania.Kalisz is a calm city, but most people in the city were kind and welcoming.I would like to encourage everyone who has this opportunity to take it. Because it really is “A once in a life-time opportunity”.

    Bethlehem University, Palestine

  • International student story (University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, Albania)

    Hello I’m Ernaldi, i will try to make a brief summary about my stay in Kalisz I’m quite satisfied with my stay in Kalisz where in general I have spent very nice time, new experiences and learn a lot for different counties. Meeting students from other countries has been one of my best experiences, where we have spoken and improved our english and drank endless coffee:D(especially Natal). We talked about religions where for me it was something new. Something about Kalisz, is a small old town, but you will spend the most beautiful time if you have the right friends in a place like Kalisz. I don’t want to leave without mentioning Kristi, my roommate where he stood by me when I needed to, and I will not leave without mentioning Ahmet and Med (who I meet the first time 😀 but i spent the best time with them). I hope that new students who come have as good a time as I did.

    University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, Albania

  • International student story (State Agrarian University of Moldova, Moldova)

    Hello, I’m Danil. Participating in this project (Erasmus +) was a great idea not only to try your English speaking skills, but also to get acquainted with different traditions starting with the country where I am and other participants (Turkey, Costa Rica,  Portugal, Palestine).  A wide range of positive emotions because I learned a lot of new curiosities about the economy and public administration of other countries, captivated trips to Poland and beyond.  I learned the international professional language in which English is used.

    State Agrarian University of Moldova, Moldova

  • International student story (Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey)

    Hello, I’m Ahmet. Being an Erasmus student in Kalisz. First of all, I would like to welcome students who have had this opportunity as I have experienced before. There is a time that will pass quickly and not too long for you to seize how lucky you are and the opportunities at your disposal. During my stay in Kalisz, I felt the warmth of the city, its culture and the beauty of my student life perfectly. You will constantly feel the interest and care shown by the university staff throughout your stay. I think that I will never forget this experience, which was 5 months of my life, and I wish a successful and enjoyable process to those who will benefit from this right or think like me. 

    Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey

  • International student story (Mus Alparslan University, Turkey)

    Hello, Hello, I’m Elif. Being Erasmus+ student in Kalisz was a fully new and fun experience for me.The places I saw, the meals i ate, the people I met were really special to me. I improved my language, made really nice and interesting friends and I collected a lot of exclusive and fun memories there. The people in the city were really kind, honest and interested. Even once I lost my phone on the bus and a kind girl bringed it for me to my dorm herself in the cold weather. I don’t know how many people would do that for someone they don’t even know. I have thank to departure of Erasmus in Kalisz and in my own University because of their patience and aids. From dorm employees to coordinators were always so kind and helpful.  
    And a personal recommendation for those who are interested: If you are going to do Erasmus+ mobility in Kalisz there is a little, deadly cute Cafe called Cafe Calisia you have to visit. I fell in love with that cute Cafe and the kind workers there:)I’m really happy and thankful for this experience!

    Mus Alparslan University, Turkey

  • International student story (Igdir University, Turkey)

    Hello, I’m Sevda. I’m a postgraduate student in the department of physical education and sports at Iğdır University.  The Erasmus process was a different experience for me.  It was very nice to see and tour European culture.  In this process, I made a lot of friends and accumulated memories.  Our teachers were very good.  When I look back, I’m glad I did Erasmus+.  Kalisz has become my second home in my family.

    Igdir University, Turkey

  • International student story (Marmara University, Turkey)

    Hello, I’m Cansu. It was the best part of my life. Kilometers away from our own country, Kalisz has become my home. I have collected very good memories with my new friends. When I look back, I only see good memories. As for my teachers, I would like to thank each and every one of them for their interest throughout my education. I am glad to have you. I will always remember you very well. You are my family in Erasmus+.

    Marmara University, Turkey

  • International student story (Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey)

    Everything about the city of Kalisz was beautiful.
    Our school and teachers were friendly. I think that those who want a quiet city surrounded by nature will prefer it, and the fact that it is the oldest city in Poland affects your historical feelings. The disadvantage is that the city is small, so there are not many different activities.
    Apart from that, Kalisz is a beautiful city to live in for Erasmus, with good friendships and nice teaching staff.

    Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey

  • International student story (Kocaeli University, Turkey)

    When I first went to Kalisz, I was a little upset, wondering if I could do it here. Then I settled in and after a few weeks I started to get used to it and love it. It looks small yes, but you can have really big experiences. Since it is very comfortable and not crowded, you can easily focus on your lessons and there are very nice people in the dormitory where we live. You should choose Kalisz on Erasmus because it is quiet and very comfortable.

    Kocaeli University, Turkey

  • International student story (Deniz, Turkey)

    I’m Deniz. I am a 2nd year student at Izmir Demokrasi University, Department of Business Administration. I finished my 2nd year with Erasmus mobility. My Erasmus adventure in Kalisz was very fun and enjoyable. I stayed here for almost 4.5 months. The friends I met in our school’s student dormitory “Bulionik” became like my family. We had great memories to remember. I also had Polish friends that I met from outside, so I had the opportunity to learn a little dialect. I was able to visit many cities in Poland. I am both very happy and proud to realize the Erasmus movement in this country that smells of history. I would like to thank my friends and teachers who have always supported me throughout this process.

    Izmir Demokrasi University, Turkey

  • International student story (Fatma, Turkey)

    Hello (cześć) I’m Fatma. On my way to Kalisz, I was sad to be separated from my family. I’m even more sorry to leave Kalisz right now. I was very impressed by Poland’s culture, history, helpfulness and sweetness of the people. I also had the opportunity to learn Polish here. I consider this place as my second home and I had the opportunity to meet many people here. I would also like to thank my teachers for their support during this difficult process. I have had wonderful experiences and have amassed some wonderful memories. I’m glad I came and I’m glad I got to know you.

    Marmara University, Turkey

  • International student story (Emre, Turkey)

    Hi, I am Emre. Even though I thought I had moved away from my home on my way to Poland, I felt at home in Kalisz again. The culture in Poland, the friendly people, the history on the streets made me warm up on cold winter days. I had the opportunity to get to know many people from different countries and again I realized that I love people with their differences. I am very grateful to my professors who have always been with us in this process. They were all so good and so helpful that this process was incomplete without them. Kalisz became my second home I will never forget this.

    Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Turkey

  • International student story (Sümeyye, Turkey)

    Hello, I’m Sümeyye. Programme Erasmus+ was my dream but I had an experience in Kalisz that was more than my dreams. The warmth of Polish people, the love and helpfulness of our teachers made me feel at home. During this experience, I had the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and this was very useful for me. I will miss Poland, my teachers, my friends and especially Kalisz.

    Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Turkey

  • International student story (Ricardo, Portugal)

    Hello, I’m Ricardo. I could not have chosen a better destination than what I chose which was a city in Poland called Kalisz. During my Erasmus+ course, I came across many people, namely teachers, our supervisor, the dormitory staff, among other people who have always helped me and guided me in the best possible way. My colleagues and I still managed to visit several destinations within Poland, such as Krakow, Warsaw, Sopot, Gdansk, and many others, which were good experiences that I will never forget.
    Regarding the training part, everything went well despite the fact that we were in a pandemic season, the classes were all online, but even so we had all the help and help from our teachers. A big thank you for everything to everyone and I hope in the future I still find these phenomenal people who helped me so much.
    To all students who are looking to have a different experience and go from Erasmus+, I strongly advise you to think about going to Kalisz in Poland.

    The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Portugal

  • International student story (Cătălina, Romania)

    Hi, my name is Cătălina and I spent my Erasmus mobility in Kalisz. It was my first Erasmus experience and sadly it was during a pandemic but I was still able to enjoy it.

    Kalisz is a small but lovely city and it’s in the center of Poland so it is easy to visit other cities. Poland is a beautiful country and has a lot of great places that I got the chance to visit.  I met a lot of students from different countries and it was  great to spend time with them and to learn a little bit about their culture.

    Also the teachers were very nice and friendly, and even though the classes were online I enjoyed it and and I learned something new from everyone and of course a big thank you to Monika that was very kind and helpful all the time.

    I’m really happy that I had this opportunity, I left with a lot of beautiful memories.  I think Erasmus is something every student should experience at least once during their student life!

    Stefan Cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania

  • International student story (University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, Albania)

    The Erasmus+ experience was a very good thing for me. I’ve met a lot of new friends and we had an amazing time together.
    Poland is beautiful and so are the cities I’ve visited, besides Kalisz, like Krakow, Wroclaw, and Zakopane.
    Above all, the quarantine, we’ve all been through, made us have a great time staying together and getting to know each other better.
    I think it was the best way to spend the quarantine.

    University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, Albania

  • International student story (Stefan Cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania)

    It was a good journey and I will recommend for other students to come and visit this great city and to take part in the Erasmus+ in Kalisz.

    Stefan Cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania

  • International student story (Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey)

    I am a physiotherapy graduate from Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University in Turkey. I came from Turkey to Poland for the Erasmus+ Programme. I had my internship at Regional Hospital in Kalisz. Hence, I could experience how the health sector of another country looks like. I’ve learned the differences between the Turkish and Polish health sectors. This allowed me to gain a different standpoint for my job. Before I came to Poland, Erasmus+ Coordinator of PWSZ Kalisz University helped me. I’ve had my dormitory set up before I even came here. After I came to Poland, I was brought to where my internship was located, where I had its details explained. My mentors in the hospital were very polite, helpful, and knowledgeable. I am very grateful to them, and I’ve had good relationships with them during my traineeship. I still am in contact with them. Life in the dormitory was nice. I’ve met new friends from other countries. We had school trips organized, which allowed us to see Wroclaw and Poznan. The university organized various activities for us. In short, the university took care of us. Living in Kalisz was beautiful. Kalisz is a beautiful city – quiet, tidy, and with nice parks. Life was cheaper than in other European countries. It was possible to afford living there with just an Erasmus+ scholarship. However, if you would want to visit other countries, you would have to save some money first. My friends and I traveled to Gdansk, Krakow, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.
    To summarize, the Erasmus+ life was unbelievable. I’ve had many different experiences and valuable memories.
    I think everyone should participate in the Erasmus+ programme.
    I wish that everyone has good things happen to them during the Erasmus+.

    Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, Turkey

  • International student story

    Kalisz doesn’t have the Eiffel tower, but it has a huge Park Miejski to visit. You can find peace everywhere and people are very tolerant. Could you imagine, in another city, that the city president would meet the Erasmus+ students and give them a gift from the city?

    Czterech mężczyzn na rynku
  • International student story (Mehmet, Turkey)

    My name is Mehmet. I was in Kalisz/Poland for nearly 5 months. When I arrived there for the first time, I was a little bit worried about the city. But later, when I went to my uni, I’ve met international coordinators Monica and Eva. They were very, very friendly and helped me and my friends fully. They prepared some tours for us to get to know Kalisz and Poland. They always have been taking care of our problems and needs. Because of these good people, I am very happy that I went to Kalisz.
    Now I know more and more about Poland and Europe.
    Thank you very much to everyone who’s been kind to us.

    Mersin Universitesi, Turkey

  • International student story (Kürşat, Turkey)

    My name is Kürşat, I’m from Turkey. I study at the of Osmaniye Korkut Ata University. I’ve been to Kalisz for six months. Kalisz is a very beautiful and peaceful city and I love it. I’ve met many different friends and had a good time.

    Osmaniye Korkut Ata University, Turkey

  • International student story (Stopanska Akademia “D.A. Tsenov” Svishtov, Bulgaria)

    Before my first the Erasmus+ in Poland, I was really scared. I used to stay near my family almost all the time. However, when I’ve come to Poland, I’ve realized that the people there are really friendly. Even those, who couldn’t speak English tried to help me at the train station. I’ve arrived in Kalisz and where I’ve met a lot of people from different countries and of different religions. Regardless, we’ve shared one trait – the common respect to each other. I’ve learned not to judge people based on their stereotypes. Despite being the only person from Bulgaria there, I’ve felt like I was the part of this strong, accessible, and friendly community. I’ve found a home in Kalisz,  and it will forever remain in my heart. This is the case mainly due to helpful teachers there. The international office was amazing, always helpful and reliable, particularly Manasterska PhD. She was always fair and kind, especially when she served the role of a teacher. I’ve learned something from everyone in that university. Some things were practical and nearly everyone was using some new and creative solutions. I believe that all of them were making a part of the complete whole of the university, and they’ve left a special mark in all of us. To conclude,  Kalisz welcomes you just the way you are. It doesn’t matter whether you speak fluently, or what you believe in. Each of the friends I’ve made at the Erasmus+ taught me new things.  So, I really can say that the Erasmus+ made me a better person.

    Stopanska Akademia “D.A. Tsenov” Svishtov, Bulgaria

  • International student story (Sırrı, Turkey)

    Hi, My name is Sırrı and I’m from Turkey. I was in Kalisz two years ago and I spent a really great time there. I promised myself to come to Kalisz again. As you know, studying abroad and living in another country, in a different culture is not as easy as it sounds but I felt like at home in Kalisz. The city is small that’s true but we found a lot of things to do together. You can find everything you need easily. The professors were so nice and always tried to show us more than our classes. They arranged some visits to local hospitals and other health centers. International Relations Office staff organized some meetings, trips, and other events for us. I’m really looking forward to visiting the city and reviving all the good memories again. Don’t hesitate to go to Kalisz!

    Mus Alparslan University, Turkey

    Osoby pozują do zdjęcia
  • International student story (Igor, Russia)

    Hello, I’m Igor. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in internships in the Netland Computers company in Kalisz. During my mobility, I was involved in some company’s activities and performed professional tasks. Thanks to my internships, I broaden my knowledge and skills. It was very exciting!

    Nizhny Novgorod State Engineering and Economic University in Knyaginino

    Dwóch mężczyzn pozuje do zdjęcia
  • International student story (Seyda, Turkey)

    Hi, I’m Seyda. Kalisz was my second home. I had a lot of Polish friends. They were all very polite and valuable people for me. I spent a fun time in Kalisz Aqua Park, the city center, municipal parks, and forests. I want to finish with a joke: “Kalisz is the most beautiful city in Europe” at least for us.

    Afyon Kocatepe  University (Turkey)

  • International student story (Betül, Turkey)

    Hi, I’m Betül. I study Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Bolu (Turkey) and I had my the Erasmus+ experience at PWSZ in Kalisz. I can safely say that it was one of the best experiences in my life!
    I was accommodated in the university Student Dormitory ”BULIONIK” and I was very happy with it. It was so much better than I had expected and I didn’t have any problems. International Relations Office staff was really helpful and I am really thankful for it! They also organized different activities and trips for us and it was really fun. We spent a lot of time together. The knowledge gained at the university was really useful. I loved my teachers. They always had new things to show us. I am so grateful for that. I believe that the Erasmus+ is something that every student should experience in their lives. During my mobility, I’ve made a lot of long-term and amazing friendships. I really enjoyed Kalisz too, I have no regrets!

    Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University (Turkey)

  • International student story (Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey)

    Make sure that the Erasmus days will be your unforgettable days. You can develop your most beautiful friendships here. Make friends with foreign students. Learn as much as you can! When you look back, you will be happy. This is a very valuable experience for you. Get to know the value!

    Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey

  • International student story (Gamze, Turkey)

    Hello, I’m Gamze. I spent 8 months in Kalisz. I met a lot of students from some parts of the world. They helped me to open my mind by sharing different ideas. Thanks to them, I learned how to take different perspectives on life. I found the love of my life on the Erasmus and it made me a lucky person. Now I feel that Kalisz was my second home. I will never forget this experience.

    Afyon Kocapete University

  • International student story (Sedat, Turkey)

    Hi, I’m Sedat. I’ve spent a good time in Kalisz. The city isn’t so big but it offers a lot of attractions, festivals and cultural events. Kalisz is set in the middle of Poland so I found it easy to visit other Polish and European cities.

    Bingol University

  • International student story (Kirill, Russia)

    Hello, my name is Kirill. I want to share some memories about my mobility in Kalisz. It was my dream to visit Poland and Kalisz as well. The Erasmus+ Programme helped me to make new friends, find new oportunities for my future, discover new places and follow the best study programme. I am grateful to my coordinators who helped us with everything. They are so perfect. They made my stay in Kalisz more colorful. For me, it was like a fairytale. New people, new experience, new friends and new trips. It was my first the Erasmus+ mobility and the best one!

    Nizhny Novgorod State Engineering and Economic University in Knyaginino

  • International student story (Aysel, Turkey)

    Hello, my name is Aysel. I spend two semesters in Kalisz, Poland. For me, the Erasmus+ Programme means not only studying but also having great fun, making new friends from different countries, tasting the dishes of European cuisine, and learning some dances. Kalisz is a really good place to study. Although public transport connections are not satisfactory. The Erasmus Coordinators as well as International Relations Officers helped us to solve some problems with some study programmes or at the dormitory. Kalisz was like a second home to me. I will never regret it! I miss all of You!

    Bingol University, Turkey

  • International student story (Anelia, Bulgaria)

    Hello, my name is Anelia. This was my first mobility and I was very scared at the beginning. Kalisz made a good impression on me. A large percentage of the inhabitants are very friendly and smiling. This mobility gave me the opportunity to meet some students from different countries but mostly it helped me improve my language skills. I want to thank my coordinators in Kalisz for everything and I hope to meet them again. This mobility was a very exciting and unforgettable experience.

    D.A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Bulgaria

  • International student story (Ali, Turkey)

    Hello! I’m Ali. It was a great experience to study in Kalisz. It was my first trip abroad. Kalisz is a lovely and small city but it doesn’t mean that Kalisz is boring. I spent my time with some of the Erasmus+ students and Polish ones every day. Kalisz is set in the middle of Poland so I could visit other Polish cities almost every weekend. I found it difficult to get used to some things, e.g. colder climate and longer nights than inTurkey. But I didn’t have any trouble at the university. I passed all exams. It was the best experience of my life. If I had a chance to study in Kalisz again, I would go back there without any hesitation.

    Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Turkey

  • International student story (Mustafa, Turkey)

    Hello, my name is Mustafa. I studied in Kalisz for one semester. First of all, I was very happy to stay in Kalisz because it was a good city for me. I met a lot of new friends, saw interesting things and got to know different cultures. İ felt safe and very cheerful in Kalisz. I love the people in this city. What’s more, I practiced at the hospital in Kalisz. The medical staff and patients were very helpful in this place. I think that everybody loved us (me and my friend) and I loved everybody in this hospital – patients, workers, teachers, and my friends. I’ll never forget one patient in the pediatric department, Assha was so pretty and so sweet. I want to say “Thank you” for everything to my the Erasmus+ Coordinators, my mates, a manager, and workers in your dormitory “Bulionik”! I’m grateful to Ewa Wasielewska from the International Relations Office. She was really helpful and a good person at this university. She was like my mother in Poland. And thank you to Monika Napadłek for everything. THANK YOU KALISZ and KALISZ PEOPLE! Maybe we will see again soon:)

    Mus Alparslan University, Turkey

  • International student story (Onintza, Spain)

    Hello, my name is Onintza and I’m from the Basque Country. I’ve been studying engineering in Kalisz for five months and it’s been a pleasure for me to have had such an opportunity. Everybody knows that Kalisz isn’t a well-known city in Poland but it’s worth seeing. The city has a very interesting history you would like to know. I loved the main square and some of the streets. If you want to try traditional Polish food, in this city you can (and it’s good). It’s true that Kalisz isn’t a university city but there’s always something you can do, for example, ice skating, bowling, billiard, karaoke, and sport… What’s more, the relation between students and teachers is close to the university in Kalisz. We met a lot of people from all over Europe (Portugal, Spain, Turkey, France) and we made a very big family. In my opinion, the Erasmus+ Programme is a unique experience you must try.

    University of the Basque Country, Spain