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ISO 9001 for I-CDBKZ

Institute – Center of Excellence in Gear Wheel Research of the Kalisz Academy President Stanisław Wojciechowski received a quality management system certificate compliant with the

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The Laboratory offers its services in the range of:

Measurements of shape deviations, true position and run-out
Measurements of contour and surface roughness
Measurements of various objects using Coordinate Measuring Machines
Measurements of gears and gear machining tools
Quality control and measurements of length and angle gears standards
Single flank of bevel and cylindrical gears measurements
3D coordinate measuring, full-field scanning & inspection, quality control, reverse engineering, GD&T analysis
Tribological properties testing of oils, gears construction materials, gears resistance to accelerated-stage (scuffing and scoring) and bevel and cylindrical gears fatigue tests (pitting and spalling)
Static, compression and bending examination of materials
Real-time measurements of displacements and deformations
Preparation of metallographic specimens to determine microstructure
Hardness and microhardness measurements
Determination of chemical composition of alloys using optical emission spectrometry method
Optical microscopy geometry measurements
Residual stresses analysis in surface layer



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