Hello, i’m Muhammed. It was my first abroad experience and the first time in Kalisz. First of all, it was a very nice experience to be in Kalisz.  Although it is small, it was one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.  I had a great time there. While I was there, I was very impressed with its historical structure and lifestyle. I am grateful to you-Monika, you find a solution immediately when we have any problems and the dormitory management is the same. I recommend everyone to do Erasmus+ in Kalisz. I had the opportunity to meet new people from every country and formed good friendships. My best friends were also from other countries and I was trying to speak my language less. I think I have improved my English with serious differences. I was very happy when I was there and it was like home. I think it is also sufficient as a social activity; swimming, fitness, bowling etc. I spent all the activities to the fullest. I recommend everyone to do Erasmus in Kalisz.

Bingol University, Turkey

Hello, I am Natalie from Bethlehem, Palestine.My mobility in Kalisz was a good and new experience for me.The best parts about my mobility were meeting people from different parts of the world, learning about different cultures, improving my English speaking skills, exploring Poland, and making international friends especially from Turkey and Albania.Kalisz is a calm city, but most people in the city were kind and welcoming.I would like to encourage everyone who has this opportunity to take it. Because it really is “A once in a life-time opportunity”.

Bethlehem University, Palestine

Hello I’m Ernaldi, i will try to make a brief summary about my stay in Kalisz I’m quite satisfied with my stay in Kalisz where in general I have spent very nice time, new experiences and learn a lot for different counties. Meeting students from other countries has been one of my best experiences, where we have spoken and improved our english and drank endless coffee:D(especially Natal). We talked about religions where for me it was something new. Something about Kalisz, is a small old town, but you will spend the most beautiful time if you have the right friends in a place like Kalisz. I don’t want to leave without mentioning Kristi, my roommate where he stood by me when I needed to, and I will not leave without mentioning Ahmet and Med (who I meet the first time 😀 but i spent the best time with them). I hope that new students who come have as good a time as I did.

University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, Albania

Hello, I’m Danil. Participating in this project (Erasmus +) was a great idea not only to try your English speaking skills, but also to get acquainted with different traditions starting with the country where I am and other participants (Turkey, Costa Rica,  Portugal, Palestine).  A wide range of positive emotions because I learned a lot of new curiosities about the economy and public administration of other countries, captivated trips to Poland and beyond.  I learned the international professional language in which English is used.

State Agrarian University of Moldova, Moldova

Hello, I’m Ahmet. Being an Erasmus student in Kalisz. First of all, I would like to welcome students who have had this opportunity as I have experienced before. There is a time that will pass quickly and not too long for you to seize how lucky you are and the opportunities at your disposal. During my stay in Kalisz, I felt the warmth of the city, its culture and the beauty of my student life perfectly. You will constantly feel the interest and care shown by the university staff throughout your stay. I think that I will never forget this experience, which was 5 months of my life, and I wish a successful and enjoyable process to those who will benefit from this right or think like me. 

Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey

Hello, Hello, I’m Elif. Being Erasmus+ student in Kalisz was a fully new and fun experience for me.The places I saw, the meals i ate, the people I met were really special to me. I improved my language, made really nice and interesting friends and I collected a lot of exclusive and fun memories there. The people in the city were really kind, honest and interested. Even once I lost my phone on the bus and a kind girl bringed it for me to my dorm herself in the cold weather. I don’t know how many people would do that for someone they don’t even know. I have thank to departure of Erasmus in Kalisz and in my own University because of their patience and aids. From dorm employees to coordinators were always so kind and helpful.  
And a personal recommendation for those who are interested: If you are going to do Erasmus+ mobility in Kalisz there is a little, deadly cute Cafe called Cafe Calisia you have to visit. I fell in love with that cute Cafe and the kind workers there:)I’m really happy and thankful for this experience!

Mus Alparslan University, Turkey

Hello, I’m Sevda. I’m a postgraduate student in the department of physical education and sports at Iğdır University.  The Erasmus process was a different experience for me.  It was very nice to see and tour European culture.  In this process, I made a lot of friends and accumulated memories.  Our teachers were very good.  When I look back, I’m glad I did Erasmus+.  Kalisz has become my second home in my family.

Igdir University, Turkey

Hello, I’m Cansu. It was the best part of my life. Kilometers away from our own country, Kalisz has become my home. I have collected very good memories with my new friends. When I look back, I only see good memories. As for my teachers, I would like to thank each and every one of them for their interest throughout my education. I am glad to have you. I will always remember you very well. You are my family in Erasmus+.

Marmara University, Turkey

Everything about the city of Kalisz was beautiful.
Our school and teachers were friendly. I think that those who want a quiet city surrounded by nature will prefer it, and the fact that it is the oldest city in Poland affects your historical feelings. The disadvantage is that the city is small, so there are not many different activities.
Apart from that, Kalisz is a beautiful city to live in for Erasmus, with good friendships and nice teaching staff.

Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey

When I first went to Kalisz, I was a little upset, wondering if I could do it here. Then I settled in and after a few weeks I started to get used to it and love it. It looks small yes, but you can have really big experiences. Since it is very comfortable and not crowded, you can easily focus on your lessons and there are very nice people in the dormitory where we live. You should choose Kalisz on Erasmus because it is quiet and very comfortable.

Kocaeli University, Turkey